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NexModel Posingt time you have your picture taken strike a pose. If you're a woman, one of the most flattering and sexy poses is to turn your body 45 degrees from the camera. Next place your weight on the leg farthest from the camera and turn your other foot toward the camera. Kick your hip out as far as you can.

Do you think about your pose when someone takes your picture?





Triangles really look great in pictures so create two of them by placing your hands on your hips. Bring one hand up to your waist. Keep your elbows pointed slightly to your back rather than out to your side. Turn your head to the camera and smile or show some attitude.

Try to avoid having your body straight to the camera, unless you're super thin. The 45 degree angle slims you, even if you already thin. If you don't want to to put your hands on your hip and waist, then do something interesting with your arms. Remember to relax your hand. You can enhance your photo by tilting your head slightly.  Finally, keep your chin down, but not too far. Raising your chin looks unnatural and could give you a Woman Posing-double chin.

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